Why Brentwood Parts are good for all types of Cooling Towers

Are you looking to replace a part such as fill pack, drift, or mist eliminators for your cooling tower? Not sure what you’re looking for or just looking for alternative supplier options? We sat with the owners of FlowMatrix, the cooling tower specialists Darren, Jason and Landon, who have more than 33 years of experience in the cooling tower industry, to be able to better understand the ins and outs of cooling towers and, more specifically, why using Brentwood’s parts in your cooling tower should be a no brainer.


FlowMatrix imports Brentwood parts into Melbourne and Sydney from the USA factory and Thailand factory as fully formed PVC blocks to Australia. These parts are multi-purpose as they can be installed in cooling towers, sewage treatment plants, stormwater systems, ventilation, and gas scrubbing scrubbers.


Why Brentwood Parts?

FlowMatrix puts their trust in Brentwood parts as they trust the integrity of the manufacturer Brentwood Industries which has produced high-quality products for OEM and installers for decades. The blocks and sheet materials are made to a high standard, have the correct fire rating, are traceable to recognised international standards and Australian standards such as AS / NZS 3666, have supporting information with product datasheets, and have been designed with engineering expertise.

Brentwood PVC materials are engineered to be strong, lightweight, UV stabilised, modular, and fire-resistant. These factors will contribute to a longer life of around 10-20 years for your cooling tower. It seems to be a simple choice if you want your fill pack and drift eliminators to last for many years instead of a couple of years for which the cheap copy lasts.

The cheap plastic fill pack and drift eliminator products that many significant companies use and install to keep the price down in many new cooling towers can cause systems to clog up, shut down and fail after only 2-3 years if the material breaks up into particles. Out of warranty systems, experience blocked inline suction strainers, plastic fragments in heat exchange tubes, and in pipes.

Worse than this, some of the cheap plastic damages other components such as nozzles, grommets, water distribution systems, filtration units, and chemical dosing equipment. This can be severe, costing a lot of money to fix or replace.

Darren told us that “a lot of these cheaper parts or plastic sheets coming out of China are a big problem for the cooling tower units in which they are installed”.

However, there is another problem even getting these parts now as there is a big backlog due to them being on hold as Shanghai is in lockdown.  Landon told us that in Sydney, there are a lot of crossflow cooling towers with sheet fill pack that is terrible to remove as it is not modular.

The good news here in Australia is that Flowmatrix can continue to import their cooling tower parts from America and Thailand, being able to continue with their repairs and installations with little waiting times or delays.

Why Do Some People Bother Installing Cheap Parts?

They do not know any better as the sellers of cheap cooling tower parts advertise that they are compliant and just show a short two-line statement or a one-page certificate that they comply with an Australian Standard.

As FlowMatrix said to us, the quality Brentwood cooling tower fill pack and drift eliminators have not just Australian Standard compliance such as AS/NZS3666 and AS4180, but international standards for the PVC material they are made of, the details of the UV protection, cooling performance data sheets, fire rating datasheets, and assembly technical information sheets.

Buy Brentwood parts to last for years, or buy cheap to watch it, break up, fall apart, shrink in warm water, or burn down if a spark gets on it.

Believe it or not, “quality parts like Brentwood cost only around 15% more to purchase and install, than low-quality ones, and on top of this, Brentwood Parts will save you more, in the long run, reducing high-risk situations and even providing your cooling tower with a few extra years.”

Brentwood Parts can be used for other applications

We also discovered that Brentwood supplies parts for many applications such as clean high, performance air-conditioning installations, industrial applications, storage, and cold storage. There are Brentwood parts to suit dirty water industrial installations, sewage treatment applications, parts for gas scrubbing where gases are removed from the air in process systems, ventilation systems, and storage sheds for potatoes, mushrooms, and chickens to allow clean air flow blocking out sunlight.

Brentwood parts are also commonly used for a range of other things such as garages, sunlight banks on potato sheds, light banks to protect produce and water treatment facilities

Find the right part for your cooling tower

Finding the right cooling tower part for you can be confusing as there are so many makes, series, and models; it can waste your time! The best part about Brentwood is the details can be used for any cooling tower, new or old!


FlowMatrix can design and select the right material to suit your application using products they import and products they hold stock of, such as Brentwood ShockWave, ThermaCross, CF1200, XF75, CFUltra, XF80Max, XF150Max.

To deal with soft or hard water and scale, you require a robust PVC material like Brentwood manufactures as it is strong enough to handle power or pressure water washing/blasting. Brentwood also has a high-performance fill pack that is more open to reducing blockage caused by scale while still cooling effectively.

For example, Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania and Brisbane has spotless water, which is soft and easy to manage in a cooling tower. Standard parts such as fill pack CF1200 or XF75 and drift eliminator CFUltra, or XF80Max are excellent for these conditions.

In SA, South Australia, Adelaide, Western Australia, Perth, and county towns, have hard water that will scale fill pack and drift eliminators very quickly, so you may consider Brentwood fill pack ShockWave or ThermaCross and drift eliminators XF150Max of CF80Max


Brentwood parts can be used for all commercial and industrial cooling towers all over Australia, some of these include


Aggreko cooling tower

Aquacool cooling towers MSS or MEC

BAC Cooling Tower, Steel fibreglass, stainless

Baltimore Air Coil cooling tower

Budge Ellis cooling tower
Coolboy cooling tower

Coolmaster cooling tower

Davenport timber cooling tower

Evapco Cooling Tower

F Muller cooling Tower

Fibreflow cooling tower fibreglass
Fibre Tech cooling tower fibreglass

Gatorade cooling tower fibreglass

Hamon cooling towers

Hydrothermal cooling towers fibreglass

Lakeside cooling towers timber, fibreglass

Linear cooling tower
Marley Cooling Tower

Maxichill cooling tower

Messan cooling tower

Muller cooling tower

Shinwa bottle cooling tower

Sulzer cooling tower
Superchill cooling towers

Marley Temcel cooling towers

Thermfresh cooling

Tower Thermal cooling tower



 Brentwood Drift Eliminator –         Brentwood- Drift Eliminator

Counterflow CF Ultra                           Crossflow XF 150 


Some Major Companies that use Brentwood Parts

Flowmatrix has been able to install Brentwood parts all over Australia to a variety of industrial and commercial company’s some of the most recent projects being:


-Australian paper




AG Coombs


Ellis Air

Precise Air

Johnson Controls  


Brentwood Parts Maintenance:

Brentwood parts have been engineered and designed to make all maintenance and repairs as easy as possible.

All parts

  • Are modular components
  • Are easy to install and to remove
  • Easy to repair or replace
  • Easy to remove, clean, maintain, and refit
  • Great in how they are compliant with government regulations, laws and standards
  • Perfect for people that want to get hands on, and do the installation, repair, or maintenance themselves
  • Come with supporting data of all cooling tower maintenance
  • Are fully traceable

Jason points out that “on the other hand, parts from other companies are designed in a way where they are not able to be taken out and thoroughly cleaned especially in places like the basin of the cooling tower.

This means they are not meeting the needs of the regulations and more importantly that their cooling tower can eventually become biologically contaminated, corroded, fouled and scaled.

  Scrubbing material                    Gas Scrubbing


FlowMatrix provides a range of Services using Brentwood Parts

With over 33 years of experience in the Cooling Tower industry, Darren and Jason have 33 pride themselves in using their extensive knowledge to understand their client’s needs.

We found out that FlowMatrix can:

  1. Sell the parts to its customers anywhere in Australia
  2. Or offer a “supply and install” service to those that want a professional, hassle-free, and compliant installation of cooling tower parts or components in Victoria, NSW, the ACT, South Australia or Tasmania.

FlowMatrix also provides a valuable service of recommending the best fill pack and drift eliminator parts to their clients for customers who want to buy Brentwood spare parts. These parts get the best possible results that will benefit their company and cooling towers long term.

FlowMatrix will supply you with all the supporting data like information on cooling tower performance, heat rejection rates and recommending OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products which is everything that will ensure you have everything needed to support a happy cooling tower. Indeed, FlowMatrix is one of the few companies that can provide “supply, sell, and delivery” of Brentwood parts.

Brentwood- Fill Pack- Crossflow      Brentwood- Fill Pack-    

moduler XF 75 IL&ID                   counterflow  Thermacross TX 19 



Great Brentwood Parts and great after sales service:

FlowMatrix also provide a very rare personalised after-sales service level of care to their clients, where Darren or Jason regularly provides assembly, installation instructions at distance, over a mobile call, even a facetime call during a cooling tower part assembly.

Whatever parts or cooling tower needs you have, you should get on the phone and ask to speak to Darren Jason or Landon.

They will listen to your enquiry, ask you the relevant questions, and then arrange for a cooling tower inspection or get a quote on any part Brentwood part you need for whatever cooling tower or problem that you may have.

The guys really know their stuff, and love helping people.

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