Moisture and light control medium

Ideal for poultry, onion, and potato storage shed

FlowMatrix import, supply or install Brentwood light trap material Replace old steel louvers or update from wire mesh.
Suitable for many other applications when you want to allow full airflow for ventilation, while blocking out sunlight and stopping water entry.
Our Light Trap Modules provide the highest light reduction with the lowest pressure drop for your black-out houses, storage sheds, or other dark ventilation applications.

Our vents are available in a cellular design and in sizes that can be tailored to your needs.


  • Cut and frame yourself or pre-made assembly made to order at our factory.
  • Very high light reduction capability.
  • Ultra-low pressure drop.
  • Black finish for additional light absorption.
  • Manufactured from chemical-resistant PVC plastic with UV
  • inhibitor for long product life.

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