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cooling tower repair

Repair, Rebuild and Servicing

FlowMatrix carry out repairs and rebuilding of cooling towers, so best we explain the difference.


A repair is when a cooling tower part or multiple parts are damaged, worn out, scaled, corroded, have failed, or just not working correctly.

A fan has broken, a motor has failed, fill pack is brittle or scaled, the drift eliminators are faulty, the water nozzles are not working correctly, the water splash louvers are not stopping water loss, the basin is overflowing, the access hatches are leaking, the steel is corroded, the fiberglass is cracked, legs or seams are leaking, strainer is corroded or the plumbing lines are broken. 


A cooling tower rebuild is where a client wants to upgrade the entire cooling tower to a modern standard and to restore the condition of the materials of construction to as new. 

Rebuilding a cooling tower can provide a client with huge cost savings in comparison to replacing it with a new unit. Rebuilding the cooling tower cuts out the need to crane out the old unit and crane in a new cooling tower. There is generally no need to change the plumbing, ducting, platforms, electrical connection, filtration, and chemical dosing systems. A cooling tower rebuild can be half the price of a replacement and yet it gives you another 10 to 20 years of service life. 

FlowMatrix offer complete rebuilds with a modern upgrade to get all the components modular, and modern parts that increase cooling performance, allow easy ongoing maintenance, and give you a reduced Legionnaires’ Disease risk.

A rebuild could include installing a modern fan & motor, replacing the fill pack with high cooling performance modular blocks, replacing the drift eliminators with high performance drift reduction parts, coating steel and fiberglass casing / basins, inside & out, and installing water splash louvres that also block out sunlight.

FlowMatrix also offers inspection, labour quotation, a scope of work, timeline and a comprehensive detailed report. You can compare our price against the replacement.    

Service compliance and solutions

With three decades of experience in the industry, our technicians provide a complete range of cooling tower repairs and rebuilds and have spare parts on hand. We help to save time in order get your cooling towers back up and running at their optimal efficiency as soon as possible.

Critical consideration 

  • Cooling performance maximization by installing modern components not just OEM (Obsolete equipment manufactures)
  • Bacteria control / risk control by installing modular components 
  • Government compliance by installing modular components 
  • Water loss reduction
  • Energy use reduction by installing modern components 
  • Environmental Protection by deducing chemical loss 

Our team are fully trained to enter a cooling towers confined space and working at heights. They identify cooling performance issues, efficiency, access, isolations, and safety issues to ensure nothing is overlooked. 

Long after your cooling tower’s original manufacturer has ceased operations, we offer off-the-shelf replacement parts for all units, and can retrofit parts to fit your system, all with AS/NZS 3666 Compliance.

Repairs to all brands and models

We repair and rebuild all types of commercial and industrial cooling systems, including steel, fiberglass, timber, crossflow and counterflow. 

Including the following brands:

Aggreko | Aquacool | BAC (Baltimore Aircoil Company) | Budge Ellis | Coolboy | Coolmaster | Davenport | Evapco | F Muller | Fibreflow | Fibre Tech | Gatorade | Hamon | Hydrothermal | Lakeside | Linear | Marley | Maxichill | Messan | Muller | Radic | Shinwa | Sulzer | Superchill | Temcel | Thermfresh | Tower Thermal

Prevention is better than cure

We would certainly so that you didn’t have to experience unplanned cooling tower breakdown and downtime. This costs industry money in lost production, and also the commercial city building experience the full lost of the air-conditioning system when a cooling tower fails.

In today’s world after COVID occurred we are now experiencing very long waiting times for parts and getting a contractor out to repair something at a short notice which has become very difficult. Some cooling tower breakdowns can leave you waiting for many weeks. 

We offer maintenance plan and inspections to ensure that all systems and components of your cooling towers are operating at peak efficiency. We also record a list of the critical parts so that we can act to repair as quickly as possible.

Need to make a repair?

If you need to make a repair, or need servicing contact us. This could save you some valuable time and money.