Mechanical Drive Repairs & Replacement

No fan drive – very little cooling, if any 

The failure of the fan drive on your cooling tower is a major issue that will result in unexpected downtime.

On an industrial site this is the loss of production as there is no cooling water for the process line.  

On a commercial building this is the entire air-conditioning system shutting down, so many upset occupants.

On a data center this is all the rooms running too hot causing computer failure, as there is no air-conditioning.

On a health care center this is no air-conditioning to cool operation theaters.  

Repair and replacement

FlowMatrix service technicians are highly experienced to repair and replace cooling tower fan and motor drives that have failed or that are in a poor state. Our technicians are heights and confined spaced trained, skilled to setup lifting and rigging gear to safely remove old fans, motors, shafts, bearings, pulleys, belts, and install new.

Cooling tower fans are generally barrel / drum (centrifugal fans) or impellor type fans (axial fans). We have years of experience to select the correct fan drive replacement for your cooling tower by working out the design air flow, the static pressure drop, and the correct speed. The fans are factory built, pitched, and balanced so that can be sent to site and installed.

Larger fans can be CKD and sent to site for site assembly by our trained installers. The shafts, bearing, pulleys, and belts are also selected to be suitable with cooling tower conditions Cooling tower motors MUST be modified and built for cooling tower conditions. Motors are subjected to high water loading, high or low pH, and chemical attack. The motors we supply are selected and modified with the correct sealing system installed and correct drainage holes drilled. FlowMatrix unsure that the cooling tower motor we supply is correct, including the mounting, shaft suitability for the fan / impellor, and suitable for the motor mount.     

Inspection and Maintenance

  • Cooling tower fan drive motors and fans are not parts that you can just buy of the shelf. Parts can take anywhere from 1 week to 12 weeks to get in
  • Can you have your cooling tower offline for up to 12 weeks? 
  • Older cooling towers could have obsolete parts that are not available from the original manufacturer as they have shut down or taken over. 
  • Old low speed motors are expensive and difficult to obtain. 
  • Prevention is always better than cure, and FlowMatrix’ s mechanical inspection service is the protection you need to keep your cooling towers operating at their peak efficiency
  • FlowMatrix offer a full service, supply, installation, and maintenance 

Cooling towers can make an ideal breeding ground for Legionella bacteria to grow. It is imperative that towers are regularly inspected to ensure all components are operating as designed.

Critical considerations for cooling tower fan drives

Our cooling tower project managers and estimators can inspect your current fan drives to identify, report, and quote for repairs or maintenance. From this point our clients decide what action to take, to plan for maintenance, to plan for a repair, or to arrange the repair and replacement. 

FlowMatrix keep concise records for our customers of all details relating to your cooling tower fan and motor drives. If there is a problem down the track, we’re able to quickly respond and conduct the necessary repairs as we know what parts are required. 

Rest assured, our pricing is extremely competitive and we’re confident our service is second-to-none.

Need mechanical drive repairs?

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