Get inspection services for cooling tower in australia

FlowMatrix supply new cooling towers and install cooling towers in accordance with the Australian Standards AS/NZS3666 Part 1 and Part 2.

There are many Brands Makes Types and Options of new cooling towers on the market, fiberglass, steel, crossflow, counterflow, low profile, low noise, high efficiency, easy maintenance.

FlowMatrix offer you cooling tower selection, advise of what unit is best for you, pricing, and installation service based on the following factors. 


There are many cooling towers manufactures in the world that build new cooling towers but unfortunately this all mostly carried out overseas. There is local content in Australia where companies import the parts or cooling tower sections, and factory or site assemble the units.The critical things when deciding on what to buy is to know what you are getting as far as cooling performance, does it fully comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS3666, does it have safe access and does it allow compliance with State Government Regulations or the control of Legionnaires Disease.

Critical purchasing decisions  

  • Performance / Design duty 
  • Safe and compliant access for ongoing maintenance 
  • Modular components to comply with State Government Regulations. Fill pack, drift eliminators, splash louvers, water distribution system, coils, and fan drives  
  • Noncorrosive or protected surfaces to reduce Legionnaires Disease Risk
  • Compliant drift eliminators to AS/NZS3666 to reduce Legionnaires Disease Risk
  • Does the unit have parts that can be sourced locally to replaced failed parts at short notice? 
  • Do you have a Maintenance service that meets the requirement of the manufacture’s operation and Maintenance instruction?


FlowMatrix install cooling towers in accordance with the Manufactures installation procedures. We design and install new support structures that support the basin correctly, inline with the manufactures specifications to stop movement and cracking. Units are sealed and assembled to avoid water leaks and we follow the correct cranage and lifting practices. 

Access platforms are designed and installed inline with Australian Standards and in line with State Regulations for the control of Legionnaires Disease. This involves ensuring that we price for full access to the fan drives, the access hatches, water distribution system and all interior components and surfaces. 

Retro-fitting safe access is very expensive once a new cooling tower has been installed. If not carried out at the installation stage, poor access will be picked up on Mandatory State Government RMP’s Risk Management Plans and will need to be actioned at the owners cost.    


Once installation is complete, rest assured that we also specialize in maintaining cooling towers as per the manufacture operation and maintenance instruction, disinfect Interior cleaning and re-disinfect in line with state regulations, spare parts, repairs and a local breakdown service.

Rapid delivery of service and parts

As time moves on, even quality cooling tower parts will become old and brittle. 

FlowMatrix stock a full range of parts here in Australia, for fast dispatch of motors, fans, fill pack and drift eliminators. 

Having a local supplier can reduce downtime by weeks.

Installing a new cooling tower?

If you need a new cooling tower installed you need to chat with us.