Corrosion And Water Leak Repairs

Water and chemical loss from a cooling tower from splash out onto the ground, leaks from casings and seams onto the ground, or from the discharge from the fan drive, is a major concern. Cooling tower chemicals are dangerous and damaging to our environment, building materials, and to people.   Water loss is also something that must be avoided to reduce the cost of water usage into sewage, effluent, ground, air, and waterways. 

FlowMatrix specialized water and chemical leak repairs of cooling towers will stop water and chemical loss as we know what we are doing. Fiberglass, steel, or timber cooling towers all require repairs at various stages to address leaks. Leaks occur as cooling towers are subjected to excessive vibration and movement caused by the fan drive, pumps, pipework, supports and equipment. Any sealant systems used for repairs must be able to withstand, vibration, movement, chemical attack, heat, and high-water pressure. 

Our water and chemical leak repair solutions are delivered efficiently, on time and on budget – designed to minimize disruption to your building or plant operation.ix today for any repairs needed or more information.

Types of cooling tower leaks

  • Basins seam sealant failing on steel fiberglass or timber cooling towers
  • Leaking legs from fiberglass cooling tower that starts from the internal casing seams  
  • Cracks in cooling tower fiberglass body
  • Faulty supports for basins that causing cracking of a basin
  • Corroded steel basin or walls leaking through holes 
  • Water leaks from fan cowl drives on to the ground that also corrode the fan wheels and shafts
  • Water spray from failed hot water boxes shooting water and chemical into the air from the fan drive 
  • Corroded ducting where steel has corroded, seals have failed, or flexible joints have worn
  • Failed seals on access hatches and doors 
  • Plumbing piping cracked, snaped, or worn 
  • Overflow from faulty make-up valves, or excessive water return

FlowMatrix have a range of cooling tower coating systems trademarked RepelCoat to address water and chemical loss from cooling towers. The RepelCoat system for cooling towers is designed to be a smooth, glossy, non-porous, waterproof finish that offers long-lasting protection against corrosion and the elements. This is in line with allowing effective maintenance and cleaning of cooling towers to prevent Legionnaire’s disease. The system is highly flexible to allow for movement when people enter a cooling tower to carry out maintenance 

Does your cooling tower have a water leak?

If you have a water leak let us know, we’ll be able to help you.