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FlowMatrix has been keeping cooling towers operational and safe for 30+ years
Our policy for all work that we undertake for our customers is to ensure our work addresses all our solution targets.

FlowMatrix solution targets are

  • Performance optimisation 
  • Water saving 
  • Energy saving
  • A modular installation design to allow easy ongoing maintenance 
  • About safety 
  • Reducing the biological risk 
  • Compliant with government regulations 
  • Protecting the environment 
  • Providing safe access 
  • Cost effective

There are many clever ways to repair, rebuild or install a cooling tower

Our solution targets are incorporated when we carry out a site inspection, when we take photos and write a detailed quotation. Quotations include current condition, required action to address issues, a detailed scope of work, individual parts pricing, and the labour required as number of personnel x required hours. This is a fully transparent process, so the client knows exactly what they are getting and what they are paying for and it does not end there. 

On completion of the quoted job, we issue a service report that confirms what work was carried out and photographs of the actual work delivered. We only use high quality parts that are chosen as suitable for the application, traceable back to a supplier, that have product data sheets and have technical support. Many cooling tower companies only focus on the cost to supply a new cooling tower, to repair or to rebuild a cooling tower. This is very poor economically. Cooling towers that are installed or repaired with only the cost as the primary consideration are generally not compliant and cost a lot more short and long term, with hidden costs and modifications required to make them safe and compliant. 

Cost based installation and repairs faults

  • Poor access to maintain the cooling tower in accordance with state government regulations. For example, no safety access platforms, ladders, and walkways. Poor access within the cooling tower configuration to remove all components easily and safely for ongoing maintenance.
  • Motors, fans, fill pack, drift eliminators, air intake louvres, water distribution systems: Installation methods of fill pack and drift eliminators that do not allow removal. This occurs in brand new cooling towers as well as poorly designed repairs. 
  • Excessive water and chemical loss from defective parts in brand new cooling towers as well as poorly designed repairs. Water splash out, drift loss, water leaks from basins, overflow, faulty ball valves. EPA intervention required, due to environmental chemical damage to ground or stormwater, air pollution from chemicals, excessive noise from fans and water splash. 
  • Work safe intervention due to injury caused by unsafe access, chemical contact to eyes or skin, lifting heavy components, falls from portable ladders, failed fan drives that are poorly maintained. 
  • Legionnaire disease outbreaks caused by no safe access to clean and service drift eliminators or the water distribution system. 
  • Excessive water loss from leaks, splash-out and over spray.
  • Excessive power usage caused by fouling of fill pack that is not designed to be removed and cleaned to remove sludge and scale. It is law in some Australian states to clean all interior surfaces of a cooling tower so cooling towers that are not designed with modular components are not compliant.

FlowMatrix is 100% Australian owned and operated specialising in commercial and industrial cooling tower site work in Victoria, NSW and ACT. We have also completed projects in Tasmania, Queensland and SA and supplied spare parts to WA and the NT. With over 30 years of experience, we have replaced and repaired many brands and makes of cooling towers, being steel, fibreglass, timber and even concrete.

There are many cooling towers installed that no longer have representation in Australia, but we have documentation on most cooling towers ever installed in Australia so generally, they all can be repaired or sized for replacement.

Flow Matrix

FlowMatrix is a major Australian distributor of Brentwood USA PVC Materials that are used in cooling towers, sewage treatment plants, storm water systems, ventilation, gas scrubbing

We import Brentwood material into Melbourne and Sydney, from the USA and Thailand in fully formed blocks or sheet form for assembly in Australia.

Brentwood PVC materials are expertly engineered to be strong, light weight, UV stabilized, modular, fire resistant, and to have a long lifespan.

Plastic is not just plastic. The formulation and manufacturing process is critical to ensure that you buy a quality product. This is why we trust the Brentwood quality, technical support, product data sheets, product traceability, and engineering expertise.

Cheap plastic products can cause systems to clog up, shutdown and fail,  if the material breaks up into particles, which block up in strainers, heat exchange tubes, and pipes

Brentwood have a wide range of products that are suitable for various applications such as clean high performance air-conditioning installations, dirty water industrial installations, dirty sewage and gas scrubbing systems, ventilation systems to allow clean air flow while blocking out sunlight.

We can design and select the correct material to suit your application using products that we import and products we hold stock of such as Brentwood ShockWave, ThermaCross, CF1200,  XF75, CFUltra, XF80Max, XF150Max.

If you just require parts, we can quote supply and delivery, or if you require installation, we can quote that as well using our qualified FlowMatrix installers.

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RepelCoat is a registered trademark of FlowMatrix in Australia.

Formed in 2018 RepelCoat coating products are designed to provide specialized coating systems for cooling tower installations, cooling tower repairs, water leak sealing, pipework, steel supports, plantroom floors, roof surfaces under cooling towers, pipework penetrations through floors and roofs, Coolstore panel sealing and grouting systems for concrete plinths, or hollow core filling.

The challenge with cooling tower related coating requirements is that the product selected must be able to withstand, chemical attack, high or low pH levels, corrosion, erosion from fast moving water and grit, vibration, excessive movement, foot traffic, and a variation of materials such as steel / copper / fibreglass / plastic.

The challenge we faced was to develop and test a variety of coating systems that could withstand the challenging conditions that a cooling tower system presents which we successfully achieved

RepelCoat coating system range

RepelCoat Rapid RCR-200 / 300 / 400. These systems are used for coating the interior of mild steel, stainless steel, and fibreglass cooling towers. Structural steel supports. Steel duct work and fan discharges. The amazing this about this system is the two hour curing time between coats which is a great time saver for our clients

RepelCoat PV-300 / 400. These systems are used on pipework, vessels, tanks that are associated with cooling towers or refrigeration systems

RepelCoat PUME-200 /300 Membrane concrete or steel flooring coating system

RepelCoat Grout GSW-200 for sealing / repairing hollow cores in steel or fibreglass.

RepelCoat MP-100 Submerged concrete repair and resurfacing of pits and tanks

For the application of the RepelCoat systems our personnel are trained in using the correct PPE, ventilation procedures, the application of the products, and hazard control

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Company Profile

FlowMatrix is an Australian owned company that specialises in cooling tower repair, rebuilding, installation, and maintenance. 

Our teams are based in Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney, NSW and we provide services and parts across Australia. 

Our goal is to provide cooling tower solutions for our clients that address our six core principles of a quality cooling tower job. The design, scope of work and outcome must address performance optimisation, water savings, energy savings, government compliance, reduce legionella risk, and prevent environmental damage. 

We provide quotations that are fully transparent so our clients and potential clients know what parts and labour they will receive, the price and applicable discounts. 

Our Management Structure

FlowMatrix has a team of people that all play a significant role in delivering cooling tower solutions and quality outcomes to our clients. 

Site technicians – Cooling Tower repair, rebuild and installation specialists.   

Administration – Accounts, quality assurance, purchasing, payroll, compliance.     

Occupational Health and Safety – Site compliance, JSEA, inductions, insurance, SWMS, safety, WorkSafe compliance.   

Scheduling and Planning – Labour and materials allocation to site. 

Communications – Marketing and client engagement.  

Project Management – Project onsite management, customer relationship and communications, material, and delivery control.    

Estimating – Customer quotations and site inspections. Comprehensive reports and photographs.

Procurement – Stock control, storage, freight control, overseas shipping management and purchasing.    

Company Director -Business compliance.  

Our focus has always been on serving our customers’ best interests, and we  always strive to ensure the safety of the public, the trust of our clients, the reliability of our services and the quality outcomes of all our work.


Repair, rebuild, and install cooling towers to address all these issues at once

  • Cooling performance maximisation
  • Government compliance   
  • Water loss reduction  
  • Energy cost savings 
  • Bacteria and risk control
  • Environment protection  

Repair, rebuild, and install cooling towers to address all these issues at once

  • Cooling Performance Maximisation
  • Government Compliance   
  • Water loss reduction  
  • Energy cost savings 
  • Bacteria and risk control
  • Environment protection  
FlowMatrix LOGO

Our Logo Story

Our logo is more than our company branding. It reflects our mission and values we carry. The platypus is an iconic Australian mammal that relies on all Australians to respect our waterways and our environment for its long-term survival.

Cooling towers can discharge dangerous chemicals into waterways from leaks and from small droplets dispersed into the air. FlowMatrix repairs and upgrades cooling towers to reduce chemical loss into the air and to stop leaks onto the ground, which ultimately can end up in our rivers, streams, and oceans. Our cooling tower repairs and upgrades also address other environmental issues such as reducing water and electrical power usage when a cooling tower is operational.  


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