Some of Flowmatixs Most Successful Cooling Tower Jobs

Over the years, Flowmatix has had the pleasure of completing many cooling tower jobs for a diverse range of clients. From installing brand new towers to repairing and maintaining existing ones, they have worked on projects of all sizes and complexities all over Australia in places like Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Ingleburn, Liverpool, Wetherill Park, Penrith, Bega, Bathurst,  Canberra, Fyshwick, Belconnen, Queanbeyan, Geelong, Melbourne CBD, Frankston, Laverton North, Dandenong, Portland, Ballarat, Shepperton and Wodonga!

Flowmatrix takes great pride in showcasing the exceptional cooling tower jobs they have successfully completed over the years. With years of expertise and a passion for excellence,  we sat down with a cooling tower expert and one of FlowMatrix’s owners, Jason Christensen who has over 18 years of experience in the Cooling tower industry. Jason’s extensive knowledge of all things cooling towers, comes from a background of plumbing, water treatment, coatings, and repairs of many cooling towers in New South Wales, ACT and Victoria, now how is that for the experience?


By sharing a few of Flowmatixs most successful jobs over the years, we hope to provide value to their clients and help them better understand the importance of proper cooling tower maintenance and upkeep. Whether you are a plant manager, an engineer, or a facility manager, we believe you will find Flowmatrix insights and expertise useful in ensuring that your cooling tower works effectively.

So, let’s dive into a few of the most successful cooling tower jobs and explore how Flowmatrix have helped its clients achieve their goals.



Client: Water Treatment Supplier
Location: Braeside, Victoria
Job Type: Computer System Cooling Tower Upgrade


Jobs FlowMatrix Performed

  1. They removed the access hatch
  2. They removed the old fill pack and air intake louvre material 
  3. Installed a new modular block fill pack
  4. Fitted and installed new air intake splash louvres
  5. Installed a new ball float valve, arm and ball
  6. Refiled tower and made sure all the water set point  levels were correct
  7. De-isolate and recommission
  8. Flowmatrix supplied a new fill pack along with a ball valve and assembly
  9. Flowmatrix installed new sunblock-out air intake louvres.
  10.  All waste was removed off-site and Flowmatrix disposed of it.

Materials Flowmatrixs used and suppled 

  1. Brentwood counterflow fill pack block 2400 X 10 off
  2. Sunblock air intake louvres 2400 X 3 off
  3. Bob – 1/2″ high flow brass turbo valve assembly with stem plastic float, Stainless steel threaded rod & hardware


Client: Paper mill Company
Location: Ingalburn NSW
Job Type: Steel Basin coating system. RepelCoat


Jobs Flowmatrix Performed

  1. Removed all the access hatches and the front basin panels. (This is to gain access to the basin for Sandblasting.)
  2. Sandblasting failed to coat the basin
  3. Removed the used Sand from the basin
  4. Repaired holes within the basin with a steel flat sheet, also repaired minor holes within fan snouts at the basin end.
  5. Applied Repelcoat Grey top coat to the prepared basin, and allowed it to dry overnight.
  6. Applied Marine grade sealant to all joints, bolt heads, screws and repaired areas (Allowed drying time)
  7. Re-installed the front access panels, used butyl mastic for sealing and new Hex screws
  8. Removed the old access hatch seals, and prepared the area for new seals
  9. Applied fixing glue then applied the seals
  10.  Re-installed access hatches, along with new S/S Wing nuts where possible
  11. Removed the  traps from the top of the cooling tower
  12. Pressure cleaned the cooling tower from top to bottom, removed all rubbish from the site, and pressure cleaned all the area around the cooling tower
  13. De isolated the system
  14. Clean up the area and removed all rubbish
  15. Closed the JSA and other permits
  16. Completed a full detailed report incorporating photos 


Flowmatrix recommendations

  1. Flowmatix recommends replacing the air intake fan guards and meshes with a simpler mesh and guard all in one. (This will make maintenance and cleaning a lot easier and quicker)



Client: Manufacturer
Location: Riverstone, NSW
Job Type: AirTrunk Project Derrimut 


Jobs Flowmatrix Performed

  1. Flowmatrix carry out a COVID test prior to the job onsite 
  2. Complete JSA and permits
  3. Install a new spray pump pipework
  4. Installed a new spray pump pipe work to CT 5 
  5. Cleaned up the area and removed all the rubbish 

Materials Flowmatrixs used

  1. New PVC pipework 
  2. connecting flange
  3. Consumables
  4. Primer and glue 


Client: HVAC Contractor
Location: North, NSW
Job Type: Install New Brentwood Drift Eliminators 


Jobs Flowmatrix Performed

  1. Complete the permits and JSA
  2. Lock out / tag out
  3. Remove the old drift eliminators and dispose of them off-site to landfill
  4. Supply and install the FRP fibreglass support where required
  5. Supply and fit the new modular PVC Brentwood counter-flow drift eliminators CF80Max De-isolate
  6. Closed the permit and JSA.

Flowmatrix Recommendations

  1. Air intake louvres are scaled and are coming out of the frame, the fill pack is heavily damaged which is reducing the water flow access hatch for drift eliminators is kept close to the metal pole 


Client: Water Treatment Facility
Location: Revesy, NSW
Job Type: Cooling tower Repair And Reseal 

Jobs Flowmatrix Performed

  1. Completed the JSA, obtained permits, and locked out the unit
  2. They removed the air intake louvres and tarped up the cooling tower
  3. They Removed the access hatch, drift eliminators, and the fill pack blocks
  4. They Removed the old sealant from the upper legs, basin legs, and basin joints
  5. Etched all areas to be coated
  6. Taped up all the seams and joints in preparation for sealing
  7. Applied the RepelCoat Rapid RCR-200 coating system to the prepared seams, joints of the casing, and basin
  8. Apply RepelCoat Rapid RCR-200 and weave matt to the cracks in the basin.
  9. Re-installed the fill pack, the drift eliminators, and the access hatch.
  10. Re-installed the air intake louvres
  11. De-isolate the tower and check for correct operation and no leaks 
  12. Closed the permits and the JSA.

Flowmatrix Recommendations

  1. The drift eliminators have air gaps caused by the PVC pipework. Recommend replacing with new modular drift eliminators with airtight seals.
  2. The fill pack is brittle and beginning to break upon removal and re-installation; it is recommended to replace it with a new Brentwood CF 1200 fill pack to increase water distribution and therefore increase the efficiency in the cooling tower.
  3. There is a hairline crack within the centre strip of the basin, Flowmatrix recommended cutting out the foam core and replacing it with RepelCoat Rapid Gravel Mix. To reinforce the centre strip and not allow water to sit underneath the crack.


Client: Water Treatment Facility
Location: Braeside, Victoria
Job Type: Crossflow Cooling Tower Rebuild 


Jobs Flowmatrix Performed

  1. Arrived at the site, completed site permits, and JSA
  2. Isolated the cooling tower and applied personal locks and tags
  3. Drained the cooling tower
  4. Removed the cross braces on both sides of the cooling tower
  5. Removed all the old fill packs and disposed of them off-site
  6. Pressure-cleaning the whole cooling tower
  7. Applied  RCR-200 across all of the basins and joints.
  8. Cut and install the new modular fill pack blocks with an FRP support system
  9. Cut and installed the FRP air seals for the fill pack.
  10. Reinstalled the cross braces for the cooling tower
  11. Installed the FRP framework for the AILs
  12. Cut and installed the AILs
  13. Refilled the cooling tower
  14. Isolated the cooling tower
  15. Cleaned up all the materials and rubbish from the site
  16. Closed permits and JSA


Flowmatrix Recommendation

  1. When the system was isolated, a lot of corrosion was found to settle at the bottom of the basin. This could potentially lead to blockages throughout the pipework.
  2. The current eliminators are brittle and require replacing


Client: Water Treatment Facility
Location: Sydney University
Job Type: A14 Main Quad – Fill Pack & Air Intake Louvre Replacement 



Jobs Flowmatrix Performed

  1. Lock out or tag out
  2. Drained the unit
  3. Remove the old fill pack and supports
  4. Supply and install the new FRP fill pack supports
  5. Supply and install the new modular PVC fill pack blocks (fill, air intake louvre, drift eliminator).

Flowmatrix Recommendations

  1. The fan motor is found to be heavily corroded, Flowmatrx recommend replacing it


Client: HVAC Supplier
Location: Gordon, NSW
Job Type: Installation of access Ladder and Platform to Cooling Tower Fan Drive 


Jobs Flowmatrix Performed

  1. Complete JSA/Permits
  2. Loaded the site with access to platform materials.
  3. Build and install the  access platforms and ladders
  4. Close JSAs and permits

 Flowmatrix Recommendations

  1. Flowmatrix recommends replacing the fan motor and hub assembly due to being heavily corroded


Client: Water Treatment Supplier
Location: Sydney University
Job Type: C43F F Block Cumberland- Air Intake Louvre Replacement

Before                                                                 After

Jobs Flowmatrixs Performed

  1. Flowmatrix Isolated, locked and tagged out the cooling tower
  2. Install the new PVC interlocking honeycomb air-intake louvre material to stop sunlight and water splash gaps from forming
  3. De-isolate and remove the tags


Client: Water Treatment Supplier
Location: Dandenong South, Victoria
Job Type: Cooling Tower Reseal and Rebuild 

Jobs Flowmatrix Performed


  1. Removed the access hatch and removed the fill pack, drift eliminators, and louvre and disposed of them off-site
  2. Installed new FRP fibreglass fill pack supports
  3. Power-washed the interior surfaces to remove dirt and bacteria
  4. Prepared all interior joints and seams for sealing
  5. Applied the RepelCoat RCR-200 coating system to all the prepared joints and seams
  6. Removed trash associated with this activity
  7. Supplied and installed a new modular block fill pack
  8. Installed FRP back-to-back channel and supplied and installed new modular drift eliminators
  9. Installed a new stainless steel splash deflectors
  10. Installed the FRP angle backing supports, and supplied and installed new air intake louvres.
  11. Installed the FRP angle corner covers
  12. Reinstalled the access hatch
  13. Filled the basin and checked for leaks
  14. Packed away all the tools and equipment used and removed any leftover rubbish of site



Client: Office Space
Location: Haymarket, NSW
Job Type: Cooling Tower Service 

Jobs Flowmatrix Performed

  1. Complete JSA/Permits
  2. Electrically disconnected the fan motor
  3. Loaded the site with a new fan motor and rigging equipment
  4. Set up the gantry, remove the old motor, and discard it offsite
  5. Installed a new 7.5 kw fan motor to suit the cooling tower operations
  6. Install new fan blades and hubs to match the current setup 
  7. Electrically connect the fan motor and test the fan 

Flowmatrix Recommendations 

  1. Flowmatrix noted the condenser pump isolation switch caught fire once it was turned back on due to something wrong with it. Flowmatrix informed the building management.
  2. Recommend that the drift eliminators be replaced as they are the old original drift eliminators as these eliminators could not be removed for cleaning or maintenance purposes. 


Client: Construction Supply Company
Location: Broadmeadows, Victoria
Job Type: Complete Cooling Tower Rebuild 



Jobs Flowmatrix Performed

  1. Arrived on site, completed the site permits, and JSA
  2. loaded the site with materials
  3. Isolated the cooling tower and applied personal locks and tags
  4. Drain the basin and removed the air intake louvres
  5. Removed all the fill packs
  6. Removed all the scale and debris from the basin and pressure-cleaned the cooling tower
  7. Cut and installed all the FRP supports for fill packs, drift eliminators, and air intake louvres
  8. Cut and installed the new modular XF75 fill pack blocks to the cooling tower
  9. Cut and installed the new modular drift eliminators
  10. Cut and installed the new modular air intake louvres
  11. Reinstalled the strainer and refilled the cooling tower
  12. Removed the isolations
  13. Discarded all rubbish off-site
  14. Packed up the tools and equipment
  15. The plant room was swept, and the roof was thoroughly cleaned
  16. Closed permits and JSA 



Client: Mining Company
Location: Melbourne, Victoria 

Job Type: Cooling Tower Service

Jobs Flowmatrix Performed

  1. The cooling tower was cleaned and inspected as required
  2. The cooling tower was unable to be dosed prior to cleaning due to access hatches that could not be removed while the cooling tower was running
  3. The basin was filled with a significant amount of mud, which was removed via the sucker truck that was supplied
  4. The tower was cleaned with a pressure washer on the back of the sucker truck.
  5. The ball float was replaced with a new float valve and arm.
  6. Drift eliminators were replaced with new Brentwood drift eliminators
  7. The fill pack was in reasonable condition and was cleaned from below and above
  8. The fans were found to be unbalanced due to the buildup of dust, which has turned hard. 
  9. The fan cowlings were found to be leaking heavily as the tower was overflowing
  10. The connection between the fan cowling and the cooling tower needs to be resealed due to the heavy water loss

Flowmatrix Recommendations

  1. Flowmatrix recommends resealing with Repelcoat Rapid
  2. Fan wheels, shafts, bearings, and pulleys are to be replaced
  3. Reseal the connection between the fan and the fan cowling.
  4. Recommend a fill pack replacement
  5. Recommend the replacement of the fan wheels and shaft pulleys



Flowmatrix takes great pride in all their work over the years, which is why they like to personalise each procedure and give recommendations to best benefit their clients. Ensure your cooling tower is being looked after by “THE” cooling tower experts!


Get some expert advice today! Give Darren or the guys at Flowmatrix a call for a free quote! 


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