Cooling tower Fill pack and Drift eliminators

Cooling tower fill pack and drift eliminators

FlowMtarix has been importing quality Brentwood PVC cooling tower products into Australia since 2018.

Brentwood Industries are a world leader in the design manufacturer of PVC fill pack and drift eliminators.

Innovation, high quality manufactory standards product tracibility and material quality assurance are Brentwood’s key strengths. So, this is why FlowMatrix imports, sells and installs Brentwood fill pack and drift eliminators in Australia.

We want our customers to be satisfied with the material we supply for many years, not just for the warrantee period.

There are many cheap products being sold now in Australian Market that are failing only after a short period of time as the plastic cannot endure the constant chemical attack, high on low ph, sunlight damage, or manual handling. These materials break up, fall apart and block up strainers and heat exchange units.

The range of Brentwood products are also second to none. You can select from various fill pack and drift eliminator materials that suit various and different installation requirements.

  • Crossflow fill pack & drift eliminators.
  • Counterflow fill pack & dirft eliminators
  • Gty building high cooling performance applications
  • Industrial site dirt water applications.
  • Ultra-low drift loss to re duck the Legionaries Disease risk.
  • All modular block design to allow ongoing easy and safe maintenance
  • Compliant with Australian standards AS/ NZS 3666 Part 2
  • CTI STD – 136 material manufactory and design.
  • Field verified drift test results of 0.005 % per CTI stand and 140 compliant with AS/ NZS 3666 and AS 4180
  • Flame spread vatting of 25 or less per ASTME 84

FlowMatrix import Brentwood material into our Melbourne and Sydney storage facilities. We can also ship containers at materials into the points at Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane Lobart Devenport, Townsville and Darwin and forward freight to your site or facility for unloading.


Supply only. Any state in Australia.

Installation Services: Victoria and NSW.

Training and advice available for those who want to install the Brendwood materials themselves.

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We want our customers to always be satisfied