Cold/Cool storage panel sealing

FlowMatrix RepelCoat cool and cold store panel sealing system is serious money saver for owners and operators. Refrigeration systems cost a lot of money to run. The cost of electricity, maintenance, repairs, and the refrigeration gas cost. 

This process alternately chills a room to a set temperature, cutting in and out as required. 

This is where the sealing of the cool room panels is critical to reduce operational costs. If the panels have gaps, the chilled air easily escapes into the surrounding outside air.  This also causes ice to form in the gaps and as ice expands, the panels are damaged causing larger gaps, and buckling of the panels. The more gaps and panel damage, the harder the refrigeration system must run. 

The RepelCoat Sealing system involves cleaning of the surface, etching, primer coat and the topcoat. It is a membrane system that bonds strongly onto the panels while allowing flexibility to deal with the slight movement of the panels due to expansion and contraction 

The FlowMatrix RepelCoat applicators are trained and experienced to deliver cost saving panel sealing solutions for your cool or cold store business. 

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