Cold/Cool Storage

Cold/Cool storage coating systems for panels and penetrations

  • Eliminate panel damage from expanding ice.
  • Stop water leaks that cause icing on floors and walls.
  • Extend the service life of your panels for many years.
  • Stop the loss of refrigerated chilled air outside for your cool room for panel leaks.

RepelCoat PUME-200.

Membrane coating system for concrete, steel and cool store panels

RepelCoat PUME-200 is a sealing and coating system for the refrigeration and transport cool and cold store industry. The system is applied to cool store panels, both walls and ceilings to lock in the refrigerated air inside of the rooms. Various panel penetrations such as pipes, cables, lighting, support hangers, columns and access doors need to be sealed to save the owner money from lost chilled air. Lost chilled air needs to be replaced by running chillers, cooling towers and evaporators longer and harder. Electricity, refrigeration gas loss, maintenance, repairs, and equipment wear, and tear is a huge cost to a cool room owner. Coating to seal is a cost-effective solution to reduce operational costs.

Panel ceiling joints coated and sealed
Cable and tray penetration coated and sealed.
Refrigeration pipes coated and sealed.
Cool store loading dock seams sealed
Coated panel penetrations from plumbing lines
Cool store lights sealed and coated
Cool store ceiling panels coated
Cool room ceiling V crimp seals installed
RepelCoat Coating system applied over V crimps.
Internal coating of Penthouse. Preparation
Penthouse RepelCoat coating completed.

FlowMatrix RepelCoat cool and cold store panel sealing system is a serious money saver for owners and operators. Refrigeration systems cost a lot of money to run. The cost of electricity, maintenance, repairs, and the refrigeration gas cost.

This process alternately chills a room to a set temperature, cutting in and out as required.

This is where the sealing of the cool room panels is critical to reduce operational costs. If the panels have gaps, the chilled air easily escapes into the surrounding outside air. This also causes ice to form in the gaps and as ice expands, the panels are damaged causing larger gaps, and buckling of the panels. The more gaps and panel damage, the harder the refrigeration system must run.

Coating system preparation
Coating system packing up

The RepelCoat panel sealing system involves cleaning of the surface, etching, primer coat and the topcoat. It is a membrane system that bonds strongly onto the panels while allowing flexibility to deal with the slight movement of the panels due to expansion and contraction.

The FlowMatrix RepelCoat applicators are trained and experienced to deliver cost saving panel sealing solutions for your cool or cold store business.

Typical failed panel joint
Faulty panel sealing using foam.
Internal icing from failed panel seams
Failed panel seam leaking refrigerated air.

RepelCoat is a registered trademark of FlowMatrix in Australia.
Formed in 2018 RepelCoat coating products are designed to provide specialized coating systems for cooling tower installations, cooling tower repairs, water leak sealing, pipework, steel supports, plant room floors, roof surfaces under cooling towers, pipework penetrations through floors and roofs, Cool store panel sealing and grouting systems for concrete plinths, or hollow core filling.

RepelCoat coating system range.

The challenge with cooling tower related coating requirements is that the product selected must be able to withstand, chemical attack, high or low pH levels, corrosion, erosion from fast moving water and grit, vibration, excessive movement, foot traffic, and a variation of materials such as steel / copper / fiberglass / plastic.

RepelCoat Rapid RCR-200 / 300 / 400. These systems are used for coating the interior of mild steel, stainless steel, and fiberglass cooling towers. Structural steel supports. Steel ductwork and fan discharges. The amazing thing about this system is the two-hour curing time between coats which is a great time saver for our clients. Submerged applications

RepelCoat PV-300 / 400. These systems are used on pipework, vessels, tanks that are associated with cooling towers or refrigeration systems. Non-Submerged

RepelCoat PUME-200 Membrane coating system for concrete, steel and cool store panels.

RepelCoat Grout GSW-200 for sealing / repairing hollow cores in steel fiberglass or concrete.

RepelCoat MP-100 Submerged concrete resurfacing repair.

For the application of the RepelCoat systems our personnel are trained in using the correct PPE, ventilation procedures, the application of the products, and hazard control.

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