Spare parts – Fill pack – Drift eliminators – Air intake louvres

FlowMatrix sell spare parts suitable for all types of cooling towers that were installed in Australia for the last 30 years

All cooling towers manufactured and sold in Australia over the last 30 years are very similar in construction.

  • Shape: square – rectangular – round
  • Casings and basins: steel – fibreglass – timber
  • Design: counterflow or crossflow
  • Fan drives: forced draft or induced draft . electric motor – fan – shafts bearings – pulleys – belts
  • Fill pack:  plastic – steel – timber (heat transfer medium)
  • Drift eliminators: plastic – steel – timber
  • Splash louvres: plastic – steel – fibreglass – timber

The main cooling tower parts that FlowMatrix sell are:

Fill pack – Drift Eliminators – Air Intake Splash Louvres are suitable for any of the above cooling tower installation system.


Because all cooling towers are and were designed around a standard size format being feet. 4 foot x 4 foot for example or 18 foot x 9 foot.

One foot is approximately 300 mm, so the 4ft x 4ft cooling tower is 1200 mm x 1200 mm , the 18ft x 9ft cooling tower is 5400 mm x 2700 mm.

FlowMatrix sells modular block material in 6Ft (1800 mm ) and 8ft (2400).

This modern and modular material is easily cut to size at our factory or on site to suit your cooling tower.

We recommend Brentwood parts for their quality engineering and exceptional reliability. FlowMatrix supplied Brentwood parts are: Compliant with Australian standard AS 4180.1—2008. Material exceeds Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) standard 136. It is Brentwood Industries USA quality so you know it will perform to the design requirements of your cooling tower, and it will last a long time as the plastic material is top end quality.

Installing obsolete equipment manufactures OEM – fill pack or drift eliminators is not best practice as some of these materials were designed up to 30 years ago and never been upgraded.

FlowMatrix sells and supplies cooling tower spare parts and provides installation service. It ensures you receive modern parts and modern installation systems to address government laws for the control of Legionnaires’ Disease.

We also stock and supply all of the other components required for any cooling tower manufactured and installed over the last 30 years.   

Drift Eliminators:

High performance
Designed and tested to exceed industry standards.

Nesting design
Modules interlock with adjoining modules, eliminating gaps and providing seamless drift removal. A pop locking sheet system.

In-field adjustability
Able to span up to 10 feet, requiring fewer supports to minimize air blockage. Can be field-cut for tight fits. Small sections can be replaced if damaged.

Fill Pack:

Highest cooling performance 
Cross-fluted fills offer the highest level of efficiency of all film fill designs, improving heat transfer and maximizing overall tower performance.

Improved water distribution
The engineered microstructure incorporated into cross-fluted fills enhances water distribution and thermal mixing.

Dedicated bond points
Bonded edges add media strength and durability.

Air Intake Louvres: 

FlowMatrix designed stainless steel framed PVC Air Intake Louvres

  • Improved ANTI water and chemical SPLASHOUT design by angling the plastic profile sideways as well as upward.
  • Improved sunlight blockout to reduce bacteria growth by angling the plastic profile sideways as well as upward.
  • Strong Stainless-steel frames to resist breakage caused by the frames being dropped. (PVC frames crack and break)
  • Stainless-steel frames can be reused if the PVC air intake louvre material is damaged by knocks, hail, or physical hard contact. Cost savings.

Full range of spares:

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Looking for genuine parts?

FlowMatrix has spare parts for every type of cooling tower in Australia.