Gas Scrubbing Medium

all types of Cooling Towers

Scrubbing meterial

all types of Cooling Towers

Gas scrubbing

FlowMatrix Australia supply a complete range of structured packings for direct contact cooling applications as well as wet scrubber applications. Our structured packings and mist eliminators have been used extensively in industrial applications including air scrubbing, acid gas removal (SOx and NOx), degasification, air stripping, odor removal, CO2 capture, VOC stripping from water, and deaeration.

Applications Engineering support from the US manufacturer Brentwood is available for packing selection to maximize performance, life, and cost effectiveness. Selecting the best fill means balancing the best performance with fouling resistance, which prolongs the operating life before cleaning or replacement is necessary.

We stock the material in Melbourne and Sydney and can cut to the required size or shape to suit your application 



  • Can be used in single- or multi-stage applications
  • Designed for vertical or horizontal flow configurations
  • Thermoplastic options available
  • Round and rectangular options available

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