Stormwater - Wastewater medium

Brentwood Industries PVC materials are suitable for many alternative applications such as : 

  • Stormwater management
  • Biological treatment systems
  • Wastewater treatment

Fill pack Counterflow high performance CF 1200


FlowMatrix stocks and imports the PVC materials for cooling tower applications but these materials are also suitable for the stormwater, biological treatment and wastewater treatments. For example:

Stormwater management 

In the USA, Brentwood supplies the Storm Tank Pack is a subsurface stormwater management system primarily used for infiltration, rainwater collection, and solving stormwater runoff problems. It offers a cost-effective solution for projects that do not require load-bearing capacity, lending itself to installations under landscaped areas such as parks, plazas, and backyards.

Stormwater runoff enters the Storm Tank Pack system by means of infiltration or through a perforated pipe. Once the runoff hits the Pack, it spreads across the media surface and is evenly distributed to the base where it either permeates into the soil or collects for rainwater harvesting.


The Superior Subsurface Solution
  • Available in 12″ 305 mm wide x 12″ 305 mm heights
  • Can be cut to any length
  • Does not require cleaning or maintenance


Please contact FlowMatrix for information on the materials that we stock and import into Australia as we may be a great option as a local supplier for products that are suitable for these applications. 

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