Pipework coating systems for cooling towers and refrigeration

  • Eliminate corrosion. Steel – Copper – Cast – Alloys
  • Eliminate PVC UV damage.
  • Stop water and chemical leaks.
  • Extend the service life of your pipework for many years.
  • To withstand the harsh attack of cooling tower chemicals and refrigeration gases.
  • Harsh – Chemical attack – High or low pH – Vibration – Excessive Flexing
  • Commercial Buildings – Industrial – Cold Storage – Food and Beverage
  • Color identification of pipework lines to reduce HAZCHEM accidents.

RepelCoat PV-300 / 400.

These systems are used on pipework, vessels, tanks that are associated with cooling towers or refrigeration systems. Non-Submerged applications

Coated cooling tower pipework
Tough coating system to withstand chemical attack

Application by FlowMatrix – Cooling Tower Specialists

Example of corroded pipework caused by chemical splash-out
Before – Preparation of corroded pipes
During – Primer coat applied
Complete – Mid, and topcoat applied

Application by FlowMatrix – Cooling Tower Specialists


Application by FlowMatrix – Cooling towers and refrigeration systems are an extreme environment for associated pipework lines.

Cooling tower pipework requires a specialized coating system. FlowMatrix developed a range of coating systems for cooling towers called RepelCoat. One of the RepelCoat systems is for the preparation and coating of steel, copper and PVC pipework that is connected to cooling towers.

Cooling towers are a challenging environment for any painting or coating used on pipework as there is chemical splash out and chemical spray out of the fans that cover the surrounding pipework.

Chemicals such as chlorine, biocide and inhibitors such as organic phosphate corrode steel and damage paint. If you want your cooling tower pipework prepared and coated to last for many years, the experts at FlowMatrix can provide a top-quality solution. FlowMatrix also has product and public liability insurance to carry out cooling tower repairs and maintenance.

The cooling tower water is chemically treated with highly corrosive chlorine to control bacteria growth and acidic corrosion inhibitors. The pH range can cause the water to be corrosive if it gets too high or too low. The water is generally at a temperature range from 25 deg C and can be as high as 40 to 60 deg C in some cases. Hot water and chemicals cause corrosion of pipework due to splash-out and from the discharge into the air (drift) that drops out onto the pipes, supports, vessels, tanks and steel roofing. There is also excessive vibration that is caused by the rotating fan and the water distribution pump that pushes water into and out of the cooling tower. The extreme vibration stresses bolts and the pipework joints. Refrigeration leaks also corrode pipework, vessels and tanks.

Once corrosion takes hold your pipework is on the way to failure unless the RepelCoat coating system is applied to save it. Coating the pipework surfaces while the corrosion is just starting to take hold is the best action as this is a cost-effective process, being a faction of the cost to replace the pipework.

Thickness testing of steel pipe to determine thickness loss
Installation of coated pipework support
Newly coated suction pipework
Examples of corroded pipework associated with cooling towers and refrigeration systems. Damaged by chemical splash-out

RepelCoat is a registered trademark of FlowMatrix in Australia.
Formed in 2018 RepelCoat coating products are designed to provide specialized coating systems for cooling tower installations, cooling tower repairs, water leak sealing, pipework, steel supports, plant room floors, roof surfaces under cooling towers, pipework penetrations through floors and roofs, Cool store panel sealing and grouting systems for concrete plinths, or hollow core filling.

RepelCoat coating system range.

The challenge with cooling tower related coating requirements is that the product selected must be able to withstand, chemical attack, high or low pH levels, corrosion, erosion from fast moving water and grit, vibration, excessive movement, foot traffic, and a variation of materials such as steel / copper / fiberglass / plastic.

RepelCoat Rapid RCR-200 / 300 / 400. These systems are used for coating the interior of mild steel, stainless steel, and fiberglass cooling towers. Structural steel supports. Steel ductwork and fan discharges. The amazing thing about this system is the two-hour curing time between coats which is a great time saver for our clients. Submerged applications

RepelCoat PV-300 / 400. These systems are used on pipework, vessels, tanks that are associated with cooling towers or refrigeration systems. Non-Submerged

RepelCoat PUME-200 Membrane coating system for concrete, steel and cool store panels.

RepelCoat Grout GSW-200 for sealing / repairing hollow cores in steel fiberglass or concrete.

RepelCoat MP-100 Submerged concrete resurfacing repair.

For the application of the RepelCoat systems our personnel are trained in using the correct PPE, ventilation procedures, the application of the products, and hazard control.

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