Brentwood Parts

FlowMatrix is a major Australian distributor of Brentwood USA PVC Materials that are used in cooling towers, sewage treatment plants, storm water systems, ventilation, gas scrubbing

We import Brentwood material into Melbourne and Sydney, from the USA and Thailand in fully formed blocks or sheet form for assembly in Australia.

Brentwood PVC materials are expertly engineered to be strong, light weight, UV stabilized, modular, fire resistant, and to have a long lifespan.

Plastic is not just plastic. The formulation and manufacturing process is critical to ensure that you buy a quality product. This is why we trust the Brentwood quality, technical support, product data sheets, product traceability, and engineering expertise.

Cheap plastic products can cause systems to clog up, shutdown and fail,  if the material breaks up into particles, which block up in strainers, heat exchange tubes, and pipes

Brentwood have a wide range of products that are suitable for various applications such as clean high performance air-conditioning installations, dirty water industrial installations, dirty sewage and gas scrubbing systems, ventilation systems to allow clean air flow while blocking out sunlight.

We can design and select the correct material to suit your application using products that we import and products we hold stock of such as Brentwood ShockWave, ThermaCross, CF1200,  XF75, CFUltra, XF80Max, XF150Max.

If you just require parts, we can quote supply and delivery, or if you require installation, we can quote that as well using our qualified FlowMatrix installers.

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