Cooling Tower Parts and Components for all makes and models

Are you looking to replace a cooling tower part or component? Perhaps you need a part for a cooling tower to repair it, replace a part that is on its way out, or simply need some expert advice about a part or component that you can’t find?

Finding the right cooling tower part can be confusing as there are so many makes, series, and models, it is time-consuming, and from what we learnt from our conversation with Darren Driscoll and Jason Christensen, owners of Flow Matrix, very risky if you get the wrong information.

In fact, we found out that experience and knowledge in this very niche industry are critical if you want to get the best cooling results, correct heat rejection, save time and money, and of course keep people in their air-conditioned office cool, food production lines cool, and process cooling lines working correctly in factories.

FlowMatrix is one of the few companies that can provide the “supply, sell, and delivery” of spare parts for absolutely every type of cooling tower in Australia. They also provide a very rare after-sales service care to their clients, where Darren or Jason regularly provides a service for instructions at distance, over a mobile call, even a facetime call during a cooling tower part assembly start your team are installing.

FlowMatrix also offers a “supply and install” service to those that want a professional, hassle-free, and compliant, installation of cooling tower parts or components, in Victoria, NSW, the ACT, South Australia or Tasmania. Some cooling tower components like infill pack media drift eliminators, and air inlet screens need to be cut to size on-site to fit into the cooling tower casing and around the supports. We also can advise of the correct material such as PVC or Polypropylene for high-temperature applications

FlowMatrix experience and expertise:

Darren and Jason have more than 33 years of experience in the cooling tower industry, meaning that they know

  • If a part your seeking will actually work or not.
  • What replacement part is the best for any particular type of cooling tower.
  • How to recommend a high-performance part or component
  • What the government or Australian standards are, always making sure their parts are certified, approved and up to date. AS / NZS 3666 is a critical cooling tower standard
  • The best options and solutions
  • How to guide people to consider modular parts and components such as fill pack drift eliminators and air intake splash louvers.
  • If the mechanical drive components such as the motor, fan, shaft, bearings, pullies, belts, gearbox, taper locks, are in a sound condition so that it does not fail in service
  • What is a correct drift eliminator to control drift, mist, spray, aerosol and Legionella / Legionnaires Disease

Indeed, FlowMatrix doesn’t just sell cooling tower spare parts to people, rather they use their knowledge and technical experience to help people get the best results they possibly can, that could introduce a new part or recommending something that’s better for you. OEM parts can be obsolete components, so FlowMatrix offer modern parts like Brentwood Industries cooling tower PVC parts

With so many options and cooling tower manufacturers available, FlowMatrix have the experience and engineering data to understand the best outcomes that do save companies time and money.

An example of this is a story Darren mentioned “You can put an OEM part that was designed 30 years ago for your old cooling tower, but it may not be right part for you these days. You may prefer to upgrade your cooling tower or condenser to high cooling performance parts that have improve the kw heat rejection, the correct water flow rate, the thermal performance, range, work at a higher wet bulb temperature WB, or withstand higher water temperatures to reject heat. “I have seen many part replacements that have ended terribly with melted fill pack medium, distorted drift eliminators, brittle air intake splash louvers, electric motors that have blown up after a few months as they were not cooling tower waterproof or protected, fans or impellors where the blades have broken”

Cooling Tower Manufactures and parts

Flowmatrix is a company able to supply parts for every single type and manufacture of cooling tower in Australia.

There are simply NO limits, new, old, Australian made or not, Flowmatrix are able to recommend parts and components that may be better or cheaper than the parts you have used in the past because they have such a large and wide range and variety of parts that are suitable for all OEM manufacturers of cooling towers.

Types of cooling towers we supply parts for:

Aggreko cooling tower hire unit parts

Aquacool cooling towers MSS or MEC

BAC Cooling Tower Parts or hybrid parts for RCT VXT VXC VXI PCT CXV steel fibreglass stainless

Baltimore Air Coil cooling tower steel fluid coolers and steel evaporative condensers

Budge Ellis cooling tower round fibreglass with sprinkler head and arms
Coolboy cooling tower round CB or CD square. Models 20 30 40 50 60 80 100 125 150 175 200 250 300 350 400 500 600 700 800 1000

Coolmaster cooling tower and condensers for refrigeration

Davenport timber cooling tower

Evapco Cooling Tower Parts, steel evaporative condensers, Closed Circuit cooler AT ESWS ESWE LSWE LSC-E LRWB LRC ATC ATWB

F Muller cooling tower and evaporative condensers

Fibreflow cooling tower fibreglass
Fibre Tech cooling tower fibreglass

Gatorade cooling tower fibreglass

Hamon cooling towers

Hydrothermal cooling towers fibreglass AS 3666

Lakeside cooling towers timber fibreglass round

Linear cooling tower cross flow fibreglass
Marley Cooling Tower Parts Temcel

Maxichill cooling tower square fibreglass

Messan cooling tower round and cross flow

Muller cooling tower and condensers steel

Radic condenser steel coil

Shinwa bottle cooling tower round fibreglass

Sulzer cooling tower SC range fibreglass
Superchill cooling towers EWK and EWB 450 630 900 1260

Marley Temcel cooling towers

Thermfresh cooling cool store banana room

Tower Thermal cooling tower fibreglass

Cooling tower spare parts and accessories

Unlike other brands that are using parts that are old designs, using old materials that don’t do the job properly, the cooling tower parts Flowmatrix uses are up to date, top-performing, all come with datasheets, top literature, engineering data, operation and maintenance instructions and part number (traceability).

Cooling towers have a lot of parts and components that can also become things over time that can go wrong and need replacing.

FlowMatrix always recommends getting a quote and advice for any cooling tower parts or component repairs before you would even consider installing a new one.

There are always many options that can be provided that are cheaper, easier and more sustainable to fix your cooling towers.

Darren and Jason believe replacing parts today in the long term will improve and save your cooling tower, making it more efficient, saving your time, money.

Here is a list of common cooling tower spare parts and cooling tower components that are often repaired or replaced by Flow Matrix:

    • Cooling Tower fan impeller hub blades axial propeller low sound noise variable pitch
    • Cooling Tower Drift eliminators mist eliminators
    • Cooling Tower Coils and tube bundle copper steel stainless
    • Cooling Tower Casing basins cold water fibreglass galvanized steel and stainless steel
    • Cooling Tower suction strainers basket hood
    • Cooling tower pump and spray pump
    • Access doors hatch seals
    • Cooling tower cold water basin and pan
    • Cooling Tower water distributions nozzles low clogging
    • Cooling Tower nozzle grommets spray branches
    • Drift eliminator strapping
    • Cooling Tower fan blade barrel
    • Cooling Tower float valves and makeup water valves and floats pancake and round
    • Cooling Tower electric motors, two speed and variable speed drive control
    • Cooling Tower gearboxes gear couplings driveshafts
    • Cooling tower taper locks and couplings
    • Cooling Tower pulleys belts vee powerbands
    • Cooling tower air intake water splash louvers inlet screens and shields
    • Cooling Tower PVC fill pack medium and wet deck
    • Cooling Tower driveshafts
    • Cooling Tower Bearings
    • Cooling Tower Sprinkler and water distribution heads
    • Cooling Tower Springs
    • Cooling Tower fan cowl cylinder covers and screens
    • Cooling Tower accessories bushes sleeves sheaves
    • Cooling Tower water level float switch
    • Cooling tower thermostats
    • Cooling tower duct ducting cowl discharge, screen and guards
    • Cooling tower chemical dosing equipment auto dosing

Flowmatrix also supplies Modular parts for all types of towers for the importance of state government regulations, and maintaining safety, that includes the installation of ladders, walkways, access platforms for all cooling towers such as:

Crossflow Cooling Towers

Counterflow Cooling Tower

Induced Draft

Forced Draft Cooling Towers

Major Australian Cooling Tower Distributor

FlowMatrix is a major Australian distributor of 2 brands Brentwood and Repelcoat providing these parts to supply otherwise alternate options to manufacturers’ parts.

These parts are designed with the highest quality possible, completely changing the game of new spare parts for all types of cooling towers.

Repelcoat: Trademark by FlowMatrix, Repelcoat was Formed in 2018 designed to provide specialized coating systems for cooling tower installations, cooling tower repairs, water leak sealing, pipework, steel supports, plant room floors, roof surfaces under cooling towers, pipework penetrations through floors and roofs, Cool store panel sealing and grouting systems for concrete plinths, or hollow-core filling.

Brentwood: Brentwood PVC materials are expertly engineered to be strong, lightweight, UV stabilized, modular, fire-resistant, and have a long lifespan.

These materials are used in cooling towers, sewage treatment plants, stormwater systems, ventilation, gas scrubbing

Call FlowMatrix today to get a quote on any part or component you need for whatever cooling tower or problem that you may have.

The guys really know their stuff, and love helping people.

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