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Cooling Tower Spare Parts – Fast delivery, affordable prices

FlowMatrix provides spare cooling tower parts for a huge range of brands and models, ready to ship Australia-wide.

We recommend Brentwood parts for their quality engineering and exceptional reliability.


Spare Parts for all cooling tower brands

Parts for all commercial and industrial cooling towers, including:

Aggreko | Aquacool | BAC (Baltimore Aircoil Company) | Budge Ellis
Coolboy | Coolmaster | Davenport | Evapco | F Muller | Fibreflow
Fibre Tech | Gatorade | Hamon | Hydrothermal | Lakeside | Linear
Marley | Maxichill | Messan | Muller | Radic | Shinwa | Sulzer
Superchill | Temcel | Thermfresh | Tower Thermal

All parts and materials sold by FlowMatrix are compliant with Australian Standards. Replacement parts can also be retrofitted to suit your system.

Parts & Features

Fill Pack (Fill Pack Blocks, Fill Blocks)

  • UV stabilised (less likely to deform or become brittle)
  • Resistant to water treatment chemicals
  • Reduce wear on fan, motor, and gears
  • High thermal performance (cools water more efficiently)
  • Enhanced serviceability (can be removed for cleaning)

Drift eliminators

  • Maximum drift removal
  • Lowest pressure drop
  • Compliance with Australian Standard AS 4180.1—2008
  • Material exceeds Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Standard 136

Air Intake Louvres (Inlet Louvres)

  • Block Out Sunlight
  • Reduces Water Splashout
  • Sunlight block reduces the potential for algae and bacteria growth inside the tower
  • Reduce water treatment and maintenance costs
  • Improve airflow, nesting modules prevent air and water bypass

Additional Components

  • Fan drives, motors, shafts, belts
  • Nozzles, grommets, seals
  • Ball float valves, strainers

Technical Specifications

Trade discounts apply. Contact us for pricing or for more information.

We can assist with all cooling tower spare parts, including Marley cooling tower parts, Evapco cooling tower parts, BAC cooling tower parts, Shinwa cooling tower parts, and parts for all other brands.

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