Top class service from Flowmatrix for Fibreglass Cooling Tower


The cooling tower experts at FlowMatrix have 30 years of fibreglass cooling tower repair and installation experience in Australia. 

We started installing and repairing round fibreglass cooling towers in the 1990’s when they were the trend setting design to replace the old timber and steel cooling towers of the time. They were modular, lightweight, easy to crane into position, easy to repair / replace components such as fill pack, air intake louvers, water rotating sprinkler heads and fan / motor assemblies. We carried out repairs of cracked fibreglass basins, water leaks from the casing or pipes, failed motors, and sprinkler heads. 

In the 2000’s the modular square or rectangular fibreglass units were the new best thing as they were manufactured to comply with Australian Standards AS / NZS 3666. We installed brands such as Aquacool and started to repair modular fibreglass cooling towers such as BAC Ultralight MSS, Evapco, Temcel TES TED, Superchill SC EWK, Sulzer, Shinwa, Marley, and Tower Thermal in the 2010’s.

Fibreglass – FRP, fibreglass reinforced plastic is a fantastic material to form cold water basins, casing panels, fan cowls, structural supports, and ducts. 

  • Non – corrosive
  • It is strong and easy to cut, drill and to repair and therefore long lasting.
  • Manufactured for the Australian market. 

Some of these older fibreglass FRP cooling towers are now outdated or components are obsolete, so they need to be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced. FlowMatrix modernized old cooling towers by installing new Brentwood modular block fill pack, modern modular drift eliminators and FlowMatrix air intake splash louvers in stainless steel frames. We also have our trademarked coating system RepelCoat to coat fibreglass casing and panels to restore the surfaces, and to stop water leaks. 

Please do not be fooled by anyone that advises you that a tube of sealant will fix your leaking cooling tower, as you will be disappointed when it leaks again within a few months or weeks. There is excessive vibration within a fibreglass cooling tower that is caused by the rotating fan and the pump that pushes water into and out of the cooling tower. The extreme vibration opens the seams by loosening the bolts and weakening the sealant. The water treatment chemicals break down the sealant overtime which causes the seams and joints to leak water and chemicals onto the ground and into the waterways. Units like BAC RCT and PCT units have hollow legs that leak and need to be repaired. In 2019 FlowMatrix developed the RepelCoat TM cooling tower coating system, and it works to stop cooling tower water and chemical leaks.  Do it once and get it right.

A water leak may also not be a water leak from a basin or the casing. It may be a failed drift eliminator, a missing or damaged air seal, a faulty ball float valve, an overflow issue, faulty structural supports that are causing the fibreglass to crack and leak. Having FlowMatrix inspect our fibreglass cooling tower issues could provide you with multiple solutions at the one time. We also repair steel and timber cooling towers.       

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