Mechanical Inspection

Cooling Tower Inspection in Australia

The failure of a single component of your cooling tower can be costly, resulting in unexpected downtime, loss of revenue, and potentially the expensive replacement of the entire unit itself.

Government regulations dictate that your unit must be registered, inspected and maintained. Yet over the years we have found that some organisations are not aware of who conducts inspections of their cooling tower components. In worst case scenarios, component inspections are neglected, with clients failing to assess the potential impact in the event of a cooling tower failing. With the system shut down, profits can be significantly impacted.

FlowMatrix specialises in the repair of all cooling tower units, and guarantee you don’t suffer unexpected losses through our efficient three-step inspection process:


Our experienced technicians inspect your cooling towers and ensure all components are working as expected. If no problems need to be addressed, our work is done.


If any issues are identified, our technicians will submit a report, together with photos and a quotation for repair. From here, you decide what action you would like to take.

Rest assured, our pricing is extremely competitive and we’re confident our service is second-to-none. Our team have spare parts on hand to expedite the repair process if needed, drastically minimising downtime.


Our technicians keep concise records of all details relating to your cooling towers. If there is a problem down the track, we’re able to quickly respond and conduct the necessary repairs. This means your cooling tower is back and functioning as it should with minimal downtime, and your business carries on with as little disruption as possible.

What to consider in relation to maintaining your cooling tower:

How old are your cooling towers?

Can you still obtain parts? Can you find the original manufacturer? In the event of a breakdown, it can be difficult to obtain necessary replacement parts.

A cooling tower component inspection is a proactive approach to take before any issues arise. It can save you a great deal of time and money down the line.

How long can you afford to wait for cooling tower parts?

If your cooling tower fails because of a faulty part, or if Legionella is identified due to compromised components, the system could be shut down, production and earnings come to a halt, and you risk the potential of litigation.

Prevention is always better than cure, and FlowMatrix’s mechanical inspection service is the protection you need to keep your cooling towers operating at their peak efficiency.

A FlowMatrix mechanical and AS/NZS 3666 inspection includes all cooling tower components that require maintenance, including difficult to access areas.

What we check

  • We inspect basins for leaks and repairs
  • We inspect fans for cracks, pitch and operation
  • We inspect vee belt, pullies, shafts
  • We apply protective coatings and grease
  • We touch up damaged fibreglass or epoxy coatings
  • We carry out fill pack inspections
  • We ensure drift eliminator compliance

The importance of a maintenance check

  • Reduces liability and Legionella risk
  • Extends the life of your cooling tower, evaporative condenser or fluid cooler
  • Reduces exposure to risk and warranty issues
  • Identifies cooling tower operational issues early
  • Prevents breakdowns and addresses corrosion and other damage
  • Reduces energy, chemical and water usage, saving money

The potential costs of neglecting maintenance

  • A dirty fill pack can reduce the performance of your water tower by up to 30%
  • Dirty drift eliminators can reduce performance by 30%, increasing OH&S risks by 40%
  • Blocked water distributor nozzles/trays can reduce performance by 50%

FlowMatrix technicians have a comprehensive understanding of cooling tower confined space entry and height access regulations.

Specialised in-house training enables our technicians to enter all areas, including BAC cooling tower ammonia condensers.

Contact FlowMatrix today to arrange an inspection and ensure your cooling tower is in the best condition it can be.

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