Cooling tower Pipework - Support structure - Penetrations

Pipework and support structure coating systems

Cooling tower pipework requires a specialised coating system. FlowMatrix developed a range of coating systems for cooling towers called RepelCoat. One of the RepelCoat systems is for the preparation and coating of steel, copper and PVC pipework that is connected to cooling towers. 

Cooling towers are a challenging environment for any painting or coating used on pipework as there is chemical splash out and chemical spray out of the fans that cover the surrounding pipework. 

Chemicals such as chlorine, biocide and inhibitors such as organic phosphate corrode steel and damage paint. If you want your cooling tower pipework prepared and coated to last for many years, the experts at FlowMatrix can provide a top-quality solution FlowMatrix are also have product and public liability insurance to carry out cooling tower repairs and maintenance.









Floor pipework penetrations coating systems

Pipework penetrations through walls and floors can be very challenging to prevent water engrossment. Cooling tower plumbing, pipelines from refrigeration holding tanks, chillers, or compressors must be sealed correctly. All of this equipment causes additional challenges for sealing any pipework penetrations, as excessive vibration and movement from the cooling tower fans and pumps and attack from chemicals that are used for water treatment. 

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