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Cooling Tower Repairs and Refurbishment


With three decades of experience in the industry, our technicians provide a complete range of cooling tower repairs and have spare parts on hand to save time and get your cooling towers back up and running at their optimal efficiency as soon as possible.

Our team are fully equipped to enter cooling towers and identify performance, efficiency and safety issues to ensure nothing is overlooked. We undertake all cooling tower repairs, including parts replacement, leak prevention, performance improvements, and corrosion protection.

Long after your cooling tower’s original manufacturer has ceased operations, we offer off-the-shelf replacement parts for all units, and can retrofit parts to fit your system, all with AS/NZS 3666 Compliance.

Repairs to all brands and models

We service all types of commercial and industrial cooling systems, including the following brands:

Aggreko | Aquacool | BAC (Baltimore Aircoil Company) | Budge Ellis | Coolboy | Coolmaster | Davenport | Evapco | F Muller | Fibreflow | Fibre Tech | Gatorade | Hamon | Hydrothermal | Lakeside | Linear | Marley | Maxichill | Messan | Muller | Radic | Shinwa | Sulzer | Superchill | Temcel | Thermfresh | Tower Thermal

Trust FlowMatrix for your specialist repair and maintenance service needs, including full cooling tower refurbishment and maintenance of individual cooling tower components. We look after all cooling towers, including steel, fibreglass, timber, crossflow and counterflow.

Prevention is better than cure

We would certainly rather you didn’t have to experience unplanned downtime and lose money and business through a faulty cooling tower.

We offer scheduled maintenance inspections to ensure that all systems and components of your cooling towers are operating at peak efficienczy.

Our technicians ensure they are always responsive to breakdowns, arriving on-site promptly with a fully stocked vehicle to get your cooling tower running again with as little disruption as possible.
See our Mechanical Inspections page for more information, or get in touch today to discuss your repair needs.