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FlowMatrix is a leading supplier of cooling tower parts including drift eliminators, air intake louvers and cooling tower fill pack.

We hold parts here in Australia, for fast delivery to your site. All materials are compliant with current Australian Standards.

Fill Pack

Air Intake Louvres with sunlight reduction

Drift Eliminators

Mechanical Parts and Consumables

We also supply and install all cooling tower mechanical parts and consumables, including fans, motors, shafts, impellers, cowls, coils, ball float valves, nozzles, grommets, strainers and seals. A critical but frequently overlooked component is the ball float valve, because if it becomes damaged, cooling units can quickly overflow or run dry.

Parts for all cooling tower brands

Suitable for all brands including Aggreko, Aquacool, BAC, Baltimore Air Coil, Budge Ellis, Coolboy, Coolmaster, Davenport, Evapco, F Muller, Fibreflow, Fibre Tech, Gatorade, Hamon, Hydrothermal, Lakeside, Linear, Marley, Maxichill, Messan, Muller, Radic, Shinwa, Sulzer, Superchill, Temcel, Thermfresh and Tower Thermal.

Replacement parts also can be retrofitted to suit your system if required.

Great prices

Trade discounts apply – We have great prices on drift eliminators, fill pack, air intake louvres, for BAC, Aquacool, SuperChill etc.

Contact us for our current price list.