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We were asked: “Why is it important to address cooling tower corrosion?” Below are 3 very good reasons:

Introducing RepelCoat

RepelCoat, Cooling tower corrosion protection

RepelCoat is a protective coating system that eliminates corrosion. It is a complete corrosion repair and restoration service for cooling towers, fan shafts, pipework, tanks and vessels.

The cooling tower environment poses exceptional challenges to steel materials.

Cooling tower corrosion may not be evident outside, but inside can be a different story.

Over time, steel must withstand the natural corrosive effects of water, constant aeration, bacteria and a swathe of chemical agents. The RepelCoat system eradicates corrosion, by forming a hard-wearing protective barrier that bonds with steel and repels corrosive elements. Surface preparation is combined with advanced epoxy technologies to protect steel in very harsh environments.


Cooling Tower Coatings (internal and external)

Basins, casing, fan snout, fill pack supports, drift eliminator supports, fan drives and shafts, pipework, sumps, access hatches
Suitable for cooling towers, condensers, fluid coolers and associated equipment

Pipework Coatings and Vessels

Cooling tower pipes, chilled water pipes, ammonia receiver vessels

Concrete Coating Applications

Chemical bund areas, CIP areas, plant rooms

FlowMatrix provides coating solutions for all steel cooling towers, including Aquacool, BAC (Baltimore Air Coil), Coolmaster, Evapco, F Muller, Fibreflow, Fibre Tech, Gatorade, Hamon, Hydrothermal, Lakeside, Linear, Marley, Muller and Radic.

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