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We’ve just completed a rebuild on 6 cooling towers at a site in Sydney. All parts were supplied and installed by FlowMatrix.

ISSUE: The cooling towers were running hot, leaking water and scaling up. Chillers were working too hard and tripping out as a result.

FINDINGS: The outdated Superchill towers had been in operation for some years and works were necessary to regain maximum efficiency and performance, and to comply with AS/NZS 3666 (Parts 1 & 2) for all parts. Existing drift eliminators were cracked, the fill was heavily scaled, dirty and incorrectly fitted for this type of tower. The fill pack supports were bowed due to the weight of dirty fill pack (Legionella risk). The towers had outdated intake louvres with no water deflectors. Access inside the towers was limited and we found a scale build-up across all internal surfaces.

ACTION: To restore efficiency and reduce Legionella risk, we supplied and installed new drift eliminators, fill pack and supports. We also modified the intake louvres and water deflectors, and pressure cleaned all scaling in the casing and water distribution systems. Basin and internal joints were re-sealed and fibreglassed. The access hatches were also modified to allow for easier access to the drift eliminators and water distribution system.

Job completed on time and to budget – a happy client, just great work guys!

Need cooling tower parts? FlowMatrix stocks parts and components at our facility here in Australia. AS/NZS 3666 compliant. Supply and installation – we know cooling towers. Contact us.

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