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Cooling towers need regular maintenance to comply with government regulations, and to operate to their original specifications. We design our rebuilds with their future maintenance requirements in mind.

Our modular designs allow for easy ongoing access to components. This enables necessary works to be undertaken to control of Legionella bacteria and maintain optimal cooling performance.

• Cleaning: All components can be easily removed and effectively cleaned, disinfected and refitted. It is also easy to clean and clear the water distribution system including spray nozzles.
• Repairs: Broken parts can be accessed and refitted easily.

Reduce Legionella Risk

Legionella risk is reduced by allowing critical components inside the cooling tower to be easily accessed and removed
for cleaning and repairs.

Maximise Performance

Our rebuilds allow for ongoing performance-based works to be carried out, returning cooling towers to their original design cooling performance.

Reduce ongoing maintenance costs

Less time is required for ongoing disassembly, reassembly of components.

Optimise asset management

Minimise breakdowns and extend asset longevity through ease of maintenance.


Our rebuild designs allow towers to operate at their maximum safety and performance – with quality modular, easy to maintain components. For all cooling towers.

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