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Darren Driscoll, FlowMatrix Director writes:

“A bit of rain in Sydney this week so just cooling tower spotting. Two round and two square units in this photo ….

The two round towers:

Very difficult to service these units to AS/NZS 3666. You need to take an entire side panel off to gain access to the critical components, the water distribution head and the drift eliminators (if they have been installed). When the side panel is off, the weight of the fan and motor needs to be temporarily supported by our bracing system. By the way, it should be illegal to not have drift eliminators installed on every cooling tower as they assist to prevent Legionnaires’ Disease.

Responsible owners and management should take advice on the round cooling towers, as nobody should want someone getting ill from their own cooling tower.

The two square cooling towers:

These towers generally comply with AS/NZS 3666 as long as access platforms are installed correctly. The only problem is that not many units have platforms so the critical components are not being serviced. Again, it is the drift eliminators and water distribution system that must be serviced to protect the general public from Legionnaires’ Disease. It is so easy to get this right. You just require trained cooling tower service people to carry out the work.”

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